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Step #1

Facebook Ad Set Up

When we start running your Facebook Ad Campaigns, names, emails and phone numbers will start coming in.
The names and emails of the prospects will be sent to your email.
About 40%-60% of the prospects will also give our their phone numbers and those will also go directly to you (the business owner) so you can call them immediately and establish a business-client relationship. 
Once you have email addresses start coming in, you also may subsequently send out emails containing the latest and updated offers in your business which will get you more exposure.
Although the majority of prospects might not buy at the first offer, creating long-term relationships with them will benefit you (the business owner) in the long run.
Most business owners don't realize that most of the sales in business are out of long-term relationships built on the trust they have received from their clients and the value they have given to them. 
People are very sensitive and are able to easily determine when a business is only out to make a sale and could care less about what the clients need.
Remember, people really don't care about what you know regarding your business unless they know how much you care about them.
Receiving 200-300 prospects a month will not do any good for your business unless you know how to take care of people.
Prospects who want to view your products and services initially and may not buy on your 1st encounter with them but that doesn't mean they are not interested in purchasing your product or service in the future.
So the key is to build a long lasting business-client relationship and this is what our CRM or Customer Relationship Management program is going to help build. We believe that when we send out emails that contain valuable information to our prospects it builds that business-client relationship for months and months to come.
And that is the greatest value you can benefit from our services.
We focus on providing long-term value and benefits to you, our business owner clients because we believe in creating longer term business relationships that will bring both of us stability in our business.
- Ronald Sibayan

Step #2

Lead Capture Set Up

Step #3

CRM Set Up

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Case Study #1  Brownsville, Texas

"Who would've thought that a realtor could have 285 leads in 12 days. The system that Ron uses is incredibly effective and powerful. This has been the most number of prospects at one time that I've had in my entire career as a realtor, broker and real estate investor. This could easily grow every realtor's business and bring in profits fast, really fast." -  Precilla,  Bless Realty LLC

Case Study #2 McAllen, Texas

"Ron's system generated for us 114 leads in 13 days in our $250K homes market! Every realtor MUST have Ron's marketing system if they wish to become competitive in this ever advancing real estate marketing arena. 

With this system, I now have triple sales volume as compared to my traditional way of marketing. Work wiser not just hard."

-  Daniel,  Encore Fine Properties LLC

"Ron's Facebook Marketing System has helped build our start up realty brokerage. We now have a huge clientele and we have repeatedly used his services several times. We will continue to use his services in the future to scale up our brokerage."

-  Dolce Vita Team Texas Premier Realty

Case Study #4 McAllen, Texas

"Ron's Facebook Marketing System just simply brings in results. He goes far and beyond what any other lead generation services would do for his clients. Always above the competition."

-  Dolce Vita Team Texas Premier Realty



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Q: How long is the service for?

A: You are purchasing a 30-day service to generate leads for your business.


Q: Who is this for?

This is for: 

  • Real Estate Investor + House Sellers + House Buyers/Leads = Sales = Profits

  • Real Estate Investor + House Buyers + House Sellers/Leads = Sales = Profits

  • Real Estate Agent / RE Brokerages + Homes For Sale + Leads = Sales = Profits

  • Restaurants + Food + Customers = Sales = Profits

  • Law Firms / Lawyers + Law Services + Clients = Sales = Profits

  • Dentists + Dental Services + Patients = Sales = Profits

  • Roofers + Roofing Services + Leads = Sales = Profits

  • Any Business + Products & or Services + Leads/Clients/Customers = Sales = Profits


This is a paid service to generate leads, clients or customers for your business.


Q: What do I expect from you?

A: I provide the following services:

1. Create a post for your business of your Facebook business page for the products and or services your business renders with the promotions/packages are currently running, or to offer lead magnet such as vouchers, discount codes, etc.

2. Run an ad on Facebook via the Ads Manager on your business page. I set up the ad set, audience targeting, exclusions, placements, optimization, and delivery.

3. Create landing and squeeze pages to collect leads/clients/customers info like name, emails, phone number (for real estate agents), etc...

4. Set up a CRM or autoresponder to allow automated emails send to leads/clients/customers.

(Optional) - Retargeting, Creation Of Look Alike Audiences


Q: What are the steps to begin with your service?

Steps on how to begin.

1. Strategy call (provide me with your promotions, lead magnet, budget, who your audiences are, etc.) Takes about 20 minutes.

2. Add me as a Page and Ads Account admin to your Facebook business page.


Q: How long will the process take?

A: It usually takes 3-4 days to set up the sales funnel, the ad copy, Facebook media purchasing, landing/squeeze page creation, CRM/autoresponder set up.


Q: Will I be updated during the entire process?

A: You will be updated daily from the first day you paid for the service up until the services have been fulfilled. All files and leads information will be sent to your email, a copy will be saved on a cloud drive for you to be able to access all reports and your leads/clients/customers information. You will be notified immediately via email when a lead is available.


Q: Will I be paying for advertisement fee on top of the lead generation services that I buy from this website?

A: Yes, advertisement fees are paid to Facebook. When you have an ads manager account on your Facebook business page you will need to have a credit card on their file and the Ad spend will be charged to that card.


Q: How much am I going to pay for Ad Spend or Advertising Fee?

A: It is up to you how much you want to spend on advertising with Facebook. But during the testing phase of each ad, the minimum budget is $5 and when the ad is performing optimally, the ad spend budget can then be increased by 25%-50% to reach more audiences on Facebook.


Q: What types of leads or what is the quality of leads are being generated on Facebook?

A: Facebook has a very comprehensive database of all it's users and are able to identify the specific types of audiences you are marketing to by interest, age, gender, interests, demographics, income, job titles, credit card activities, etc. Unlike advertisements in the newspaper, radio, tv, advertising on Facebook is very precise which means that the ads we run will only reach the exact types and quality of people.



Q: Will I get guaranteed sales from the leads that I get?

A: The conversions of leads to paying customers are dependent on your ability to sell and close once you have the lead's information in your hand. I don't close on the leads for you, I find the leads for you. The money that you make is dependent on how well you can sell and close on your clients and or customers.


Q: How much is your service fee to get this all set up and running?

A: Prior to commencing and charging for our service fees, a breakthrough call must be initiated to see if we are both fit to work with each other and that these services are the exactly what you need.