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Hello everyone so welcome to this apprenticeship training video.
Here you will learn what to say to a realtor when they ask you about what you are offering.
So let me start by introducing myself my name is Ron and I am the founder of Royale Agent Rising Real Estate Marketing.
So let's get into the main meat of this training program.
So when you first go out to a realtor you tell them or you ask them rather if they have a need for more clients or leads for their real estate business.
Depending on what they say, yes or no, usually they would say or ask "What is it that you are offering?" or "What do you have in mind?"
So once they've opened up to you and they have not shut down the doors and they have not said no, now you have the opportunity to bring up an offer.
So begin by asking them. Ask them and find out if they are using Facebook to generate leads.
Are they advertising on Facebook and how successful are they in generating leads from there efforts and advertisements.
If they say yes they are doing some advertisements on Facebook but are not generating leads enough for them to be able to get qualified leads then introduce the opportunity to them.
To tell them about the opportunity you would have to start out by telling them that you and your partner (both of us) have a system using Facebook that is very effective and tried and tested with other real estate brokerages that have generated leads in the hundreds, every month, month in and month out which have resulted to a lot of sales for their businesses.
And if they are interested then show them the website.
So this is the website, the address or the URL is
On this website they will see a case study and there is a video that they can watch. And as they scroll down the page they can see The Facebook post that have generated 285 leads in a short span of time which is 12 days. And if you scroll further down the page they will see the number of leads that have been generated by this Facebook advertisement campaign. Further down and below the leads list they will see that out of the 285 leads, 159 of them have given us their phone numbers as well.
If the realtor is interested, then schedule an appointment with me. Call me at (956) 202-2962