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The Race To Top Sales Utilizing Social Media Marketing

August 9, 2017

Creating results-based habits can take you top sales.


What is your style in your real estate business? 


Are you:
- An Extrovert
- Laid Back
- Fun and Flamboyant
- Cool, Calm and Collected


I have incredible respect for realtors whom I've connected with during the short span of time that I've been doing customer acquisition for them.


So what makes a real estate agent successful?


There's tons of work to be done when running a real estate business and it's quite challenging and keeping up would require a real estate agent to have the following, most of which you already know:

- Passion For What You Do
- Attention To Details
- Being Committed To Providing Great Customer Service
- Replying To Calls and Emails At Blazing Speed And Being Persistent
- Following Up With Clients Immediately
- Being Enthusiastic To Answer Any Questions From Nervous Clients
- Knows Their Neighborhood Like The Back Of Their Hand
- Have A Great Network
- Most Of All, Not Letting A Lead Go Once You've Gotten Them And Making Clients Feel They Are Important To You

Some real estate agents may still be technologically challenged when it comes to the lastest computers and softwares, automations, marketing and advertising strategies.

Real estate agents who are able to adapt to changes in technology have the edge over those who continue to rely on outdated means of acquiring leads.


Giving great customer service is all about two essential things:

1. Authenticity

2. Knowledge


To thrive in the ever changing marketplace , another essential thing must be added to every real estate agent's arsenal of top sales- reaching tools, and that is, SKILLS.


Real Estate Agents who continue to learn new skills to acquire customers will persist and thrive in the years to come.


So what are some new skills real estate agents learn to acquire new leads in their market that other aren't doing or don't know how to do?


- Social Media Marketing
- Adwords In The 3 Major Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo)
- Search Engine Optimization Of Their Websites
- and much more but I will not bombard you with all those technical stuff.


One particular topic I wish to share with you is social media marketing particularly Facebook Advertising, which I believe more and more real estate agents are utilizing nowadays to bring in more customers.


Why social media and particularly Facebook Advertising?

Facebook is the giant of all social media. Instagram, Pinterest and Snap Chat combined is dwarfed by Facebook when it comes to the number of users.


Facebook is a social media platform primarily but it is also an advertising platform at the same time.


The benefits of advertising with Facebook over other media is that Facebook has in it's database all of it's user's information.


When a user creates an account with Facebook, the user agrees to give their information to Facebook of whatever information Facebook requires of them. Users of Facebook agrees to its policies, terms and conditions.


So with that said, Facebook has enough information for businesses to be able to market to specific users.


What that means is... using real estate as an example, real estate agents can advertise on Facebook and target specific audiences/users. The beauty of that is that your advertising money is spent very efficiently and very precisely.


Gone are the days where you advertise on the news paper and just any people would see your ads without them having any interest in your ad. People from age 2 to 100 are being advertised to in the old fashioned way and the money you spend on those ads are spent inefficiently.


Facebook allows you to target only specific audiences/users relevant to what you are advertising.


You get to choose which age group you wish to show your ads to, and many more such as:

- Gender

- Annual Income

- Specific Interests (in the case of real estate, it would be users who are interested in real estate per se and real estate companies.

- People with specific behaviors such as "Likely To Move"

- People in specific geographic location, within a 25 mile to 50 mile radius


Plus you get to exclude specific users such as real estate agents (so you are not showing your advertisements to other realtors), exclude real estate brokers and other Job Titles related to real estate.


And Facebook allows you to put in your own advertising budget as little as $5 a day to $20 a day or more. You can even scale your advertisement if your ad is converting really well, meaning specific targeted people/users are responding and you are getting leads. There is a process of scaling your ad budget and the way to do that is to increase the amount to no more than 25% per day. If this sounds quite confusing it's because you are still unfamiliar with it but we'll get into more details when we get to scaling in a little bit.


So where and how do you start doing Facebook Advertising?


Ok, here are the steps you need to get started with Facebook Advertising


Step #1

Create your personal Facebook Account.

If you don't have a personal Facebook Account, 


Go to Facebook.Com


Fill in the information and click on create account.

It's FREE to Sign Up with Facebook.


A personal Facebook Account would look like this.


Step #2
Create A Page

Now that you have created your personal Facebook Account, you can begin creating a business page for your real estate business. Remember, you can only create an advertisement on a business page and not on your personal Facebook Account.

So let's create a real estate business page by clicking on the drop down arrow at the far right hand side of the menu bar.


Next, click on "Create A Page" 


Next, click on "Company, Organization or Institution"



Next, type in your "Company Name"


 Next, click "Get Started"


Next, fill out the "About" section, your website, then click on "Save Info"


Watch out for the next blog...





















































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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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